Here are some examples of my passion projects, my artistic practise, podcasts, house renovations, and other things that I like to do in my free time:

I've been making pictures of birds for over a decade. They are a useful vehicle for me to continue to explore themes and ideas from my MA.

Take a look at my prints

Here are some other bits of art I've made.

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Me and Craig Spivey take to the streets on two Raleigh Magnums, stopping to look at and discuss architecture, art and anything that catches our eye.

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Warwick's Unbelievable History is a Twitter account where I weave fact and fiction to create incredible stories about Warwick’s unbelievable past.

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A collection of objects I've found at car boot sales, charity shops, and bric-a-brac stores. I'm addicted to tat and think it's more valuable than it actually is.

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There's no more room on the fridge, so an online gallery of my son's work seems like a good solution, for now.


We bought a 200 year old doer-upper. We had time and energy to do the work ourselves and blog about it... until the baby arrived.


My Instagram account is mainly pics of my family and the inside of beer bottles. It's a private account. If I've been to the pub with you or you've visited my house I'll let you in (although it's really not that exciting).