Other Art


Weird Creatures

When your two year old niece's new magnetic board comes with leftover bits / waste magnets... #WeirdCreatures

Lino Prints

Priory Park

Made quickly, this print was made by cutting straight in to the lino without any preparatory drawings.


My first attempt at a lino print, inspired by a sparkler.

Pixel Art

Royal Leamington Spa

My first attempt at pixel art depicts the Royal Prump Rooms and Jephson Gardens in Leamington. More here.


Invader E.T.

Inspired by Invader's E.T. mosaic artwork on the side of the Post Office in Leamington, I made a mini replica of the design for a friend's birthday present - as it featured on one of our podcast episodes. Photo © Craig Spivey.

PacMan Ghost

With leftover tiles from the Invader E.T., I made a PacMan Ghost, which is mounted on a plywood.

Giclee Prints


Inspired by Royal Leamington Spa's elephants, I made Grace. You can find out more about the elephants here.